Apply or update my application

How to apply for the housing register and the information you'll need

Before you start

Before you start you’ll need to be sure you’ve got everything you need. As part of the application we’ll ask for:

  • National Insurance Numbers for anyone over 16
  • all addresses you’ve lived at during the last six years (including postcodes), and the name and contact details for the landlord of the address(es) (if applicable)*

*If you were ‘no fixed abode’ at any time, please provide a care of address where you could have been contacted.

You’ll also need to upload evidence that proves your circumstances, such as:

  • proof of identity for all household members
  • proof of household income
  • proof of the addresses you’ve lived at during the last six years

If you’re unable to upload this evidence when you make your application, you can return later to provide this. But we won’t be able to assess your application until all supporting documents are received.

About the application

It should take you between half an hour to an hour to complete our application.

During your application you can choose to save the form for later. To do so, please complete the form as far as a page that gives you the option to 'finish later'.

If you select ‘finish later’, we’ll give you a user ID and password. You’ll need these details to log back in to complete your form at a later date.

We’ll only save your form for ten days. If you don’t log in and complete your application within this time frame, it will be deleted and you’ll have to start again.

Unfortunately our form can ‘time out’ if the application is taking a little longer than usual. If you don’t save your application form, your information will be lost and you won’t be able to begin a new application for 10 days. If your application is taking a long time, we recommend you select the ‘finish later’ button to ensure your details are saved.

Make an application

To apply for the housing register you’ll need:

  • a current email address
  • National Insurance Numbers for everyone over 16
  • your address history for the last six years
  • proof of household income
  • details of any health issues which may affect your housing requirement

Apply for the housing register

Updating your application

Once you've started an application you'll be able to log in to your account and manage your application. Once logged in, you'll be able to:

  • finish a form you've already started
  • complete a change of circumstances if any of your household's details have changed
  • upload additional documentation/photos to support your application

In order to log in to maintain your application you'll need your:

  • user ID number
  • password
  • security question
  • security answer

When you make any amendments or provide any additional supporting documents, this will temporarily suspend your application. This allows us time to assess your information. Assessments are carried out as soon as possible, and are prioritised in date order.


Log in to maintain your application

What happens next?

We’ll only be able to process your application when you’ve provided all the supporting documents we ask for. Once we have everything we need, it can take four to six weeks to hear from us.

If you're accepted onto the register, we'll write to you and give you a reference number. Please keep hold of this, you'll need this to bid on available properties. We'll put you in one of three bands; low, medium or high. The letter will also confirm which band you're in.