How to bid

Guidance notes to help you bid on a property

Log in guidance

1) Select the login button at the top right of the screen.

2) Enter your user ID (this will always start with a 1) and your password/pin in the relevant areas and select 'sign in'.

login form

If you've lost your login details, please select the 'Forgot my login details' link.

When you've successfully logged in, you'll see the image below. Please select 'continue'. 

login confirmation

This is the application overview screen:

overview reference
This gives basic information about your application. Please note; current points are not considered by West Norfolk Homechoice.

How to place a bid

1) Click 'see all properties'.

property filters
2) The property search area will appear. This will default to your minimum bedroom need. You can amend these filters to match your needs.

Please note; you won't be able to bid for a property that does not match your assessed need.

3) If you would like further information or would like to bid on a particular property, please click 'full property detail'.

more details reference

4) The property overview screen will appear. From this screen you can view the location of the property on a map or see a street view of the area. Any photos we have will also scroll through.